Promo Video (English)

This video provides a background about the school and its learning environment, within which the students will be involved to learn the theoretical and practical aspects of the middle-eastern music using the Oud as an instrument.


A day in School 

The video gives a flavour about the teaching environment within Taqasim Music School. The video was filmed in London, Arab British Centre.


Taqasim Courses

The video displays the courses being offered by Taqasim Music School from 23rd of September to 3 of December with brief information about each course.


Happy 2017 from Taqasi


Promo Video (Arabic)

يقدم الفيديو لمحة عن مدرسة تقاسيم للموسيقي وبيئتها التعليمية٬ حيث يدرس الطلاب نظريات الموسيقي الشرقية وكيفية تطبيقها على آلة العود