Frequently Asked Questions

We conduct our in-person courses from the Arab British Centre in the heart of London. The address is 1 Gough Square, EC4A 3DE, London, UK

Yes, you need your own instrument

We have encouraged our students to buy from the online retailer Thomann as their prices are more reasonable at this level and for the quality of the ouds they offer. There are a few to choose from. At this stage, go for an instrument that best suits your budget. The style of oud does not matter. However, know that Arabic style ouds are generally larger and more bulbous while Turkish style ouds are smaller and better suited for smaller builds. Know that tuning is also not an issue. We will explain the differences and help you with this in class.

Please avoid any electric models.

Here is their link: - Thomann    

We do not rent ouds. However, we do have a few school ouds that ca be used during a lesson. These ouds can not be taken home. They are used by new students until their own ouds are delivered.

We use Fa-to-fa (F-to-F) tuning.
Fa, La, Re, sol, do, fa (F, A, D, g, c, f)

The Mukhtar Method is available online. The best place to purchase a copy is from Lulu Press. Click here to purchase: The Mukhtar Method Books

Yes. It is important to practice at home in between classes to see any progress in your playing. We recommend at least 1-hour of practice per day to begin seeing results. The more time you take to practice a new skill the better you will become.

We are specialized in teaching adults 18+. At present, we do not teach students who are younger than 18.

1-2-1 lesson details: 

Arabic Music Theory I (needed if you do not read music)
This course lasts for 5 consecutive weeks.
Each lesson is 1 hour long
Course cost: £150
You will need a copy of the Arabic Music Theory I & II coursebook: The Mukhtar Method - Arabic Music Theory I & II (

Practical 1-2-1 classes
Booked 10 classes at a time.
Each class is 1.5 hours long at a rate of £40 per class 
Each class bundle works out to be £400 
You will need a copy of the Oud Beginners coursebook: The Mukhtar Method - Oud Beginner (

Please know that all fees are paid upfront & are non-refundable.

Once dates and times are arranged, and your first transfer is made, then lessons can be conducted via Skype.

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