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Taqasim Music School, based in London, was established in 2011 to teach one of the most significant Oriental instruments called Oud, among other instruments and disciplines that represent the Middle Eastern Music. The school was found by the Iraqi Oud Master Ahmed Mukhtar, the current director, who has been carrying the music and Oud on his shoulders since he was a boy. He took it upon himself to present his music, as a cultural bridge, to various nations with the utmost beauty and passion. Through his Music, Mukhtar has been reflecting the pain of war-affected people and was granted Award for Excellence under auspices of the Queen of Britain in 2009. This dedication was eventually crowned by establishing the school, which after

This dedication was eventually crowned by establishing the school, which after short time was able to settle in the vanguard within the UK community, which is known for its competitive nature. What distinguishes the school is its unique style. It uses academic and cultural approaches being delivered by experienced teachers who are brimmed with musical awareness and commitment. Finally, since it was established, the school has been attracting students and devotees from different nationalities and cultural backgrounds, with different interests. Additionally, its development can be seen through the expanding of taught courses to cover different levels and topics including Oud-beginners, Oud-intermediate, Oud-Advance, Darbukausic Literacy. This has contributed to creating a rich environment within which the school can efficiently march towards providing the east in a constructive musical form that features peace-seeking among civilizations

What is “taqasim”?

Before defining Taqasime, it is important to know what musical Maqam is. Maqamat (plural of maqam) are musical scales with different intervals (the distances between the notes)  shared across a number of cultures including Middle East, North Africa, and Central Asia. There are eight fundamental maqams, each of them has its own unique musical intervals.

Taqasim, Arabic word means division. Musically, it represents the purest expression of the maqam music system and requires deep knowledge of its history, theory, practice and spirituality. Playing Taqasim is the most advanced form of improvisation in the music of the Middle East.

With a mix of composition and improvisation, taqasim is the objective of middle-eastern musicians’ experience and education; we have chosen it as the name of the school to signify the path we want to follow in our education program.


The Taqasim Music School offers a flexible education program that covers all areas which contribute to the growth of a musician, from music theory to instrumental practice.

We aim to provide education in all possible forms: individual and group classes, workshops, seminars, books, audio, video and the internet. Given the advanced aspects of Taqasim, we prefer face to face lessons, either individual or in small groups. If you live outside London, we can have lessons via video communication software like Skype or Tango.

Courses are organised in two main branches (theory and instruments) and divided into two or three levels (beginners, intermediate, advanced). A free assessment session can be arranged to evaluate the student’s experience and identify the appropriate course level. All the necessary materials (written notes, music sheets, audio samples) are provided in digital format or in paper at printing costs.

Courses are usually taught in English, however some courses can be taught in Arabic as well.


It is part of our mission to provide affordable access to music education.

Beginners and Intermediate classes, taught in groups of up to 7 students, are offered at the rate of £190 per student per each term, consisting of 10 lessons (i.e. £19 per lesson). Payment must be done upfront or no later than the first lesson. Advanced classes are individual sessions whose rate is usually £35 per lesson.


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